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Why we have danger in the apps testing branches?

I can type continuously but typing this 'Yes, I understand' makes me feel like my fingers will break.

Lost my from past 2 years because of the . Did a from a two year old of . Surprisingly nothing broke while restoring.

@Mastodon Can I get my toots back from instances which have my toots on them?

If you use virtual address for your account through here is the command to see if the mail is getting bounced because you gave the email to someone but forgot to link it virtually to your account.

$ grep 'User unknown in virtual mailbox table' /var/log/mail.log | sed -e 's/.*to=<//g' | sed -e 's/>.*//g' | sort -t: -u -k1,1

I am confuse between which network to keep between an .
Can some one tell me of each ?
Can run over ?
I really miss the feature of the on these networks.

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Did you already know you can install #Halcyon using @yunohost ?That makes hosting your own instance as easy as pressing a button.You can install Halcyon for #YunoHost at or find out more about YunoHost at .Thanks to @anmol for creating this port.You can find the repository at

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#Shaarli app for #Yunohost just got a significant update ! 🎉
We're now in version 0.10.2, changing the URL of your Shaarli is supported, and fail2ban support has been added for extra security 🙂
Thanks to the people who contributed 🙂


L'application #Shaarli pour @yunohost vient de recevoir une mise à jour significative ! 🎉
On passe en 0.10.2, le changement d'URL est possible, et le support de fail2ban a été ajouté, pour plus de sécurité 🙂
Merci aux personnes qui ont contribué 🙂

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we are having an issue with one of our machines right now. We expect things to go back online tomorrow ~morning. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for your patience !

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We submitted the #FreedomBox software system to DistroWatch, the main catalog of #Linux distributions.

But DistroWatch won't add us to their catalog until we get enough votes!

Please vote for us! Just click "Recommend."


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Don't. Use. #gmail

In fact, #email should never be done in "cloud"

Everything you get or send remains stored forever by them

Ready to leak, ready to be exploited for blackmail and smears by states, advertisers
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#Mastalab 1.17.0 is alive. You might encounter bugs because this release has huge changes.

Have fun with #peertube and your Mastodon accounts :)

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just in case you're still seeing the "Pakistan took down YouTube the other day" thing going around, the story everyone's apparently citing was published by the AP in February 2008

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