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#PeerTube for #YunoHost has been upgraded to version 1.3.0,

#PeerTube is federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent)

Features :
* Add video playlist support
* Add quarantine videos (auto blacklist videos on upload) feature
* Add Japanese & Nederlands & Português (Portugal) support
* Better instance's followers management
* Improve UI
* and more...

Upgrade using:

$ yunohost app upgrade peertube -u

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Your daily dose of computer madness 

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Can we get some love to all the Yunohost app packagers doing a truly *epic* job at packaging *and* maintaining more than 100 apps :blobaww: !

Cheers to Maniack @JimboJoe @josue @anmol @yalh @kayou @frju365 and many more I'm forgetting :underheart: !

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Allright, our new website is now up and running at 🎉 🎉 🎉

It features:

- Cute illustrations drawed by @robin
- Cleaner, mobile-first design
- More accurate and accessible explanations about the project
- A brand new #Funkwhale pod selector
- A brand new "Applications" page listing Funkwhale-compatible apps
- Internationalization-ready content, so we can translate the site in many languages!

Many thanks to testers, proof-readers, designers and everyone who helped!

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We've just released #Halcyon 2.3.0 with the following changes:
- Add support for creating polls
- Add support for voting
- Add notification for finished polls
- Optimize internal counter for amount of toots
- Improve Czech translation
- Bugfix: Remove blue bars between unrelated posts in dark theme (already fixed for light theme)
- Bugfix: Full picture height is only supported for one picture per toot
You can download it from

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Turns out unauthorized people had access to data for 3 months... Perhaps time for #selfhosting so you know who has access to your data?
Microsofts Unbefugte hatten drei Monate lang Zugriff auf Kundendaten #Outlook

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So, we've added the possibility to customize the login portal (and not only) in #YunoHost and people started posting screenshot of their customization, it's so cool :)

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Anyone else noted the irony of a guy who sells a company called "#WhisperSystems" to a corporation for a few million $, then starts a new company called #OpenWhisperSystems with a product call #Signal, then threatens to sue anyone who calls a fork something like #LibreSignal?

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Hello everyone !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

An awesome software is dying, because its #developper has not time anymore to care of it.

It's an alternative of Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (

Please, can Mastodon community search for a C++ dev, which want to maintain it ? or search for a company which work with free software ? It's very important.

Boost very appreciated

Thanks in advance for your contribution !

#Dev #Mastodon #C++ #Python

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It will be very for me if someone/organisation can to me.

Unfortunately most of the organisation use it over . I have not much to it.

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We are happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 3.5 \o/ ! 🎉

Many fixes and improvements as always, but one highlight in particular is the introduction of a theming mechanism for the user / SSO portal ! You can now customize its appearance (including the YunoHost logo/branding !) to make it really feel like your home :blobcatcoffee: !

In parallel, we are also reworking how we handle "official" apps !

Check out the release note for all the details 😘

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Here is a three screenshots #tutorial I did on how to configure component auto discovery in #weblate with #pixelfed

Remember: you can self host weblate with #yunohost or using the docker image (works on your desktop too).
#translation #l10n


Is it possible to change the instance url after installation of the mastodon?

for has been updated to version 4.0.2.


* Package updated according the latest Yunohost standards.
* Tmp folder space is checked before backing up the core files while upgrade.

Update with the following command:

$ yunohost app upgrade -u hubzilla

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I've made both such a HORRIBLE and AWESOME prototype in python, it's call "py2sh", you give it whatever python file and it will allow you to call every function of this file directly from the cli will allowing you to parse arguments.

This is like a python-shell bridge :p

(and I have way worst ideas for that)

Oh and it's only 32 lines of #python code x)


for has been updated to verion 0.5 🎉

What is Ulogger ?
A real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management with mobile app.

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