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When you come to a decentralized, federated and p2p platform, don't come alone.

Bring your friends too because these platforms are built with the idea of putting communication control back to us.

It works well when we flock together as a group so that we will have our friends check out here.

Don't come alone and don't feel the isolation. #Strategies

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Qqn pourrait-il me donner un ordre idée quant au stockage nécessaire à l'installation de #Peertube ? Je voudrais aussi savoir la place que prennent vos vidéos ? (ordre d'idée)

C'est pour un projet #Yunohost instance de vidéos et tutos en rapport avec Yunohost et l'auto-hébergement).

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse,

Boost apprécié ;)


for has been updated with a security fix.
If you have installed Webmin in last few days your server is at great risk as the Wemin is open to the web through port 10000. Any one can access your root.
The fix closes the port thus removing this vulnerability.
Please do not ignore it.

Waitman Gobble has developed Type and Learn MusicBox for her beautiful daughter. You can have it for your infants - toddlers age 6 months to 4 years.

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package for has been updated to version 3.8.5.

Hubzilla website:
Update with the following command:

$ yunohost app upgrade -u hubzilla

I got some pings for updating to 2.6.1 from 2.5.2 on
I have fixed it for myself on dev branch. It has worked for me, but not work for you so please backup before trying it.

How to upgrade?

$ yunohost app upgrade -u mastodon --debug

@yunohost 2 package for has been updated to version 0.6.1.

What is Kimai 2?
Kimai v2 is a Symfony4 based Timetracker: multi-user application for time-tracking. Can be used by Freelancers, Agencies and Companies to track employee working-times and generate invoices.
Kimai 2:

Yunohost package:

for has been updated for a fix. Please update ASAP.
The port on which Peertube listens was open to web which is not required. Update will close this port.

Just now I read about a
Preserving Infrastructure for , , Multi-Party, and Applications.
Someone have used it? How its different from

Pleroma's dev don't have any plan to fix things and define milestones. There devs answers are like I was thinking to implement 2FA last week. Its been quite some time that Pleroma came out but they only have single release yet. Moreover they are always with problems and show bo interest in solving it with other networks. There are proud of few crowd wave they have got.
Till they don't bring LDAP support there is not point maintaining it for yunohost.

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I might have to poweroff my self hosted server tomorrow due to a cyclone storm. Not becuase of storm itself but due to possible power cuts.

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We will be making an important announcement in a few hours! :pixelfed:

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Germany's streets are full of #Google and #Facebook ads, often right next to each other. Both try to convince you that you are still in control of your data. Why now? Is this because of the Google+ and Facebook hacks we learned about recently? Or upcoming legislation? #privacy

Some photos here:

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