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Use your existing security key for Git operations

When used for SSH operations, security keys move the sensitive part of your SSH key from your computer to a secure external security key. SSH keys that are bound to security keys protect you from accidental private key exposure and malware. You perform a gesture, such as a tap on the security key, to indicate when you intend to use the security key to authenticate. This action provides the notion of “user presence.”

I did not knew keys could be used for ssh too. One can definitely not use this with only one key though. A backup key would be needed I guess.

Even systemd 248 brings support for luks unlocking with keys. Has someone tried it?

Someone know how to lock KDE logins with the key? I can bring back my old key to use which is now facing dust.
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Corona was always there. It was just a matter of time to get into right person. This was never new and will not be a surprise to see  new ones in the future.

The researchers used nasal and fecal swabs from 25 animals of eight different species, including the civet, hog-badger, raccoon-dog, beaver, Chinese muntjac, domestic cat, Chinese hare, and Chinese ferret-badger. The animal coronavirus isolates were "99.8% homologous" to the human SARS coronavirus, but all the animal isolates had a 29-nucleotide sequence that is not found in most human SARS coronavirus isolates, according to the report.

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#Firefox has become so #blotted that its eat half of my computer's resources.

I give up on it. Even users have moved away from it in recent years. Once the best open source alternative to #chrome has a declining trend  now. Stats tells the real story.

Which browser do you use for surfing?

#Chrome #Edge #Explorer #Safari #Opera #Vivaldi  #Maxthon #Torch #Brave  #Min #JonDoBrowser #Midori #Falkon #Konqueror #paleMoon #Waterfox #SeaMonkey #Slimjet #Dissenter #QupZilla #rekonq #NetSurf # IceCat #Bromite #Qutebrowser #Basilisk #LibreWolf #Dooble #w3school #poll
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Zeronet package for YunoHost which was broken from quite some time has been fixed and updated to the latest version.

#Zeronet provides a decentralize network for the websites based on the technologies like #cryptography #bittorrent and #Tor

Reviews are welcomed.
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@YunoHost (YunoHost)
#Zap for #YunoHost has been updated to its latest PR that was merged on 21.02.05.
IF you want to decide which one to use between #Hubzilla and #Zap see Marks reply here.
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Alan Dipert: Common Lisp for the Curious Clojurian #Clojure
"The focus of #CommonLisp is not #FunctionalProgramming. It's not impossible to do but when it's done it's done by convention and with the help of libraries."

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Should we drop Ldap support from Friendica Yunohost package?
A PR is waiting to be merged because of this

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If you're interested in setting up a #Mobilizon instance, #Yunohost has an application for this !

Package with version 1.0.0 is currently in testing (we're trying to find a way to properly run our test suite ...!)

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"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


Maybe things need to be tested. I lost my own instance with a deletion. But as far I can remember the network become very slow, with lot of warnings.

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