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If you're interested in setting up a #Mobilizon instance, #Yunohost has an application for this !

Package with version 1.0.0 is currently in testing (we're trying to find a way to properly run our test suite ...!)

I still did not get what you wanted to convey.

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"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


Maybe things need to be tested. I lost my own instance with a deletion. But as far I can remember the network become very slow, with lot of warnings.

I think it might have broken after this update 3 months ago.

Could you open an issue for that?

I maintain the and apps for .
Out of these 3 always require more , and .
But out of the three, I get more requests and questions for Friendica.

package for has been upgraded to latest version.

An web app hosted on an app managing

How is that. ✨

@utzer @yunohost
There is a opened for the version 2020.09. But is not working. And the account wall take so long to open. It runs on .3.

I tried installing from . But the authenticate don't work any more. Is there some changes done to the addon?
Secondly the latest release has made the app very sluggish. Is there some settings that needs to be changed in while installation?
Can friendica be installed with ?

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It would be good idea because lot of people would love to test testing branch. And giving a simple warning on testing branch would e good.

package for has been updated to latest version.

Whats new?
- Ldap is working again. Thanks to @mike
- Latest build
- Ability to choose between databases. Mysql or Postgres

is much better then as its much and less browser .

Why we have danger in the apps testing branches?

I can type continuously but typing this 'Yes, I understand' makes me feel like my fingers will break.

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@schestowitz And while we're on the topic: Why the hell use exFAT?

iStuff uses exFAT for microSD cards, so does Android, and cameras on CF.

WHY? Backwards compatibility with Windows 98?

*Points at [K]Ubuntu Laptop: ALL THE FILE SYSTEMS! I can open the strangest shit, why force everyone to MS FS.

I have my own AFS Cell, Use Gluster sometimes, prefer Ext4 because it's easy to fix. And there is No Reason to not let my Droids format and use Ext4 MicroSDs.

Fucking exFAT, *piffffft*.

@arthurlutzim @Mastodon
Someday, if that you would be possible then changing of would be possible too.
I would really love to move to another domain without breaking things and without domain forwarding.

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