I tried installing from . But the authenticate don't work any more. Is there some changes done to the addon?
Secondly the latest release has made the app very sluggish. Is there some settings that needs to be changed in while installation?
Can friendica be installed with ?

@anmol try @yunohost too.

Which version of Friendica is it now? 2020.09 or still older?

@utzer @yunohost
There is a opened for the version 2020.09. But is not working. And the account wall take so long to open. It runs on .3.

@anmol maybe you can try the new version of Friendica, is there is test version released for #Yunohost yet?

I maintain the and apps for .
Out of these 3 always require more , and .
But out of the three, I get more requests and questions for Friendica.

@anmol but do you know what is the blocking reason for the update, I think the Yunohost version is still affected by this serious bug?
The later versions run much more stable again, need less resources and load much faster. Is there a dependency of 2020.09-1 Friendica that Yunohost can not fulfill?

Maybe things need to be tested. I lost my own instance with a deletion. But as far I can remember the network become very slow, with lot of warnings.

@anmol yes, this problems are gone, it was a leap in development again, my server uses much less ram and much less CPU.
I don't understand either. Too broken English, what exactly he is trying to say is not conclusive to me. That's guesswork again
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