@yunohost develop branch for is ready for testing.

Your is needed to bring the app back to working state.

Please test by running the following command.

$ yunohost app install --debug

@anmol I am eagerly waiting for stable release.

@anmol @ButterflyOfFire @moul @noorul
I don't think this will happen till few people test it and give feedback.

Well, I upgraded my instance. It works fine. I had some problem because port_web, port_streaming were badly set, surely from the previous upgrade. I had a problem with the backup too (didn't know what happened).

The only thing which isn't good today : is that I lost all the previous image from the post. I don't know how to solve it... I did one more time migration and it's working fine.

One thing which has problem : reading Peertube/YT movies : I'm working on a solution.


@frju365 @yunohost
Can you manually try to backup and see if the backup script is working fine ?
I did not get what do you mean by "lost all previous image form the post." ?
I think you have pushed the PR for Peertube/YT movies on Mastodon_ynh repo ?

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