Pleroma's dev don't have any plan to fix things and define milestones. There devs answers are like I was thinking to implement 2FA last week. Its been quite some time that Pleroma came out but they only have single release yet. Moreover they are always with problems and show bo interest in solving it with other networks. There are proud of few crowd wave they have got.
Till they don't bring LDAP support there is not point maintaining it for yunohost.

@anmol I agree :/ This promotion techniques are not nice at all 😥 🙁

The problem is they are filling the wall with this rather then contributing to the May be #Pleroma devs should maintain the YunoHost package by themselves ?

Its better to improve Mastodon and maintain the Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada. They all have good admin interface and Ldap support which is not present in Pleroma(just moderation feature is there). Maybe fixing Dispora package is better. Friendica will implimenting ActivityPub support in few days, Osada is in initial release with zot6 protocol and with stable ActivityPub. I don't see any motivation to fix Pleroma.

@ButterflyOfFire I was already working on a package, so it will come sooner or later. Thing is that all this stuff is new for me, so it takes a while longer.

Keep braking news by saying that they have chat, mastodon front end, have html etc etc...
It don't matter if its clone or not. Its just an alternate to

@anmol Uh hello, I am a pleroma developer.
And pleroma is as much an alternate to mastodon as a car is to a bike.
Yes they both use a road(AP/OStatus), but the goal and what they are for isn’t the same.
@anmol Also I looked at your thread and it looks like someone wanting a feature and for it to be implemented as soon as possible.
We are volunteers and we would gladly welcome contributions, but you don’t order us around.

here and most of the people working here will be working as may it be active development or passive development. I was never complaining to have any feature as soon as possible. Its just a request. These feature was important for other project so I was telling the alternate to your project till your project don't have it.

I have seen lot of talks like this happening between Friendica, Hubzilla and Dispora devs and even bringing FB in. But for end user it really don't matter. of with your goals.

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