a light weight and compatible social networking server alternate to is now available on
It is high-performance and can run on small devices like a


Pleroma: git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

What is Pleroma?

@anmol @yunohost there's already a pleroma package (not official) for yunohost.

developed by @ilja and I forgot where is the repo

I did not find any latest repo of for 3. So I did one.
But it would be good to see another package and compare it, so that I can fix anything I have missed.

@anmol (my instance is running on this package, just wait until @ilja answer for a link :3)

Can you show your me ?

$ cat /etc/yunohost/apps/plerome/status.json

@anmol Sorry I cannot now. I'm on my phone. I will link you to the package tomorrow If I don't forget
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